a trip to the city

7 Mar

To a Brooklyn girl like me, Manhattan will always be known as “the city”.  How I love the city!  I love the noise, the excitement, the hustle and bustle, the shopping and the shops.  I had to be in Manhattan briefly today and found a parking spot within a block of my destination.  I struggled with the muni meter and noticed I had parked in front of a bake shop called “Crumbs” on Amsterdam and 77th Street.  This area is traditionally known as the West Side.  I made a mental note to check out the shop before heading back to New Jersey.  The sign in the window said <strong>CUPCAKES, Made by hand, baked with love</strong>.  Little did I know that this was one of close to 20 stores bearing the Crumbs name!  An hour later, as I stepped into the store to view the selection, I noticed an orthodox kashrus certificate in the window.  I called my friend Y. who lives on the West Side to ask her about it and she said “some people eat there, and some don’t – just so you know, they are open on Shabbos”.  I thought, ‘Ok, not for me, but at least I can walk in!’ .  There was a nice long counter filled with the most appetizing looking pastries, each accompanied by signs with enticing sounding flavors, and the number of calories per serving!  Now that is daring, but it doesn’t seem as though it affects business.  the shop had a steady stream of customers some staying to sit and have a cup of coffee and others on the run.  Some of the cake flavors included, Rainbow Sprinkle, Squiggle, Red Velvet, Black-out (one of my favorites), Carrot Cake, and the most adorable 4″ birthday cake with chocolate frosting and 6 deflated icing balloons on top.  They had whoopie pies in Chocolate and Red Velvet, and cupcakes in innovative flavors and in 4 sizes ranging from the mini to the colossal.  Naturally, I didn’t try any of these delicacies and although I was able to see their kitchen through the door, I learned that the pastries were not made on the premises but came from a wholesale outfit in the Bronx.  Nevertheless, the store’s clean look and updated ambiance created a nice coffee shop atmosphere and I am pretty sure that the pastries were equally good.

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