sunday musings

6 Mar

Our living room is usually not used during the week for casual entertaining.  But I do like to sit on my couch to say tehillim and to daven.  Today, my mother knocked on the door as I was saying tehillim and joined me on the living room couch.  I offered her something to drink – a coffee or perhaps some carrot juice?  She said she can’t “afford” (to drink) carrot juice.  We shmoozed for a bit, when my sister-in-law E. happened by and joined us.  After a few minutes she went to “the cabinet” where unsellable baked items are placed for family enjoyment.  You never know what you may find in “the cabinet”.  It usually has biscotti, but today she found butter cookies.  These are traditional Hungarian butter cookies or vajas pogasca.  They are round cookies, about 1/2 inch thick, with a grid design on top, traditionally baked on a high shelf in the oven so it can bake through without burning the bottoms.  They are dry with a rich buttery flavor, perfect with a coffee.  Mom’s eyes lit up.  “Now we’re talking”, she said and asked for a coffee to go with it.  Isn’t it interesting that the carrot juice is “unaffordable”, but the butter cookies and coffee are fine!  I guess the cookie just didn’t do it for E. or she had her mind on something else because she asked if I had any chocolate chip cookies.  “Sure” I said.  “In the last freezer on the left, on the second shelf , there’s a box  which has an opening on top that will fit a hand.  Please bring me one while you’re at it!”  And that is how it happened, that on a random Sunday morning I entertained my Mother and SIL with cookies and coffee in the Living Room.

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